Hard To Handle Racing
1969 Mustang Mach 1 Fastback 69 Mustang Drive Line
For years, I have been planning out what I would build if I got to build a race car.  For a long time now, I have used ProSim's DynoSim and DragSim to help build a virtual race engine and vehicle.  After trying hundred or maybe thousands of ideas, I have come up with a plan.  Although nothing is set in stone yet, my idea is to build a Small Block Ford 427 based on the Dart 9.5" Iron Eagle block with a dry sump oil system.  My 427W is going to be a little different that ones you see on line though.  I am going to use a 4.125" bore and 4" stroke instead of the normal 4.030" x 4.25" kit.  This will allow the engine to spool up a little higher and produce a targeted 800hp @ 7500 and 625lb*ft @ 6000 with a redline around 8500.  I plan to use Air Flow Research 225 heads with an angle cut to improve intake air flow and increase compression and top it off with a tunnel ram intake.  The bottom end will be built as strong as I can make it with the idea that I could add 200-300hp of nitrous to the mix if I want to run Topsportsman instead of local electronics brackets.  I have already talked with Comp Cams about my ideas, and they have suggested a custom cam grind that on the computer really looks good.  There is much left to be determined, but I think this should make for a good foundation.
Drive Line Progress

12-14-12  Our friends at Moroso started working on a dry sump oil pan for this aluminum SBF. So Santa is bringing Hard to Handle an oil pan! That should be the last piece we need to set up the chassis. Next piece will be a Strange 9" fabricated rearend housing.

08-06-12  My World Products ManOWar 10* small block Ford 310cc CNCed heads arrived this weekend. My friends at Alamo Speed Shop helped me mock them up for some picks. I am pretty impressed. The intake ports look like a big block head and the raised ports provide a very nice straight shot from a sheet metal intake.
07-18-12  The World Products ManOWar Aluminum Block came in toady.  Pretty dang cool looking and pretty light! It looks freaking stout.  Should look awesome with a trick rotating assembly, high flowing heads, and a sheet metal intake.
07-16-12  The word from World is they are CNCing some Man O' War 10* heads at their new machining facility early this week, and they are going to shoot me the flow numbers when all is done.  I can't wait to see how they do on the flow bench.

07-02-12  My World Aluminum Man O' War block is on order, but the 10* heads are much harder to find.  I hope they are worth the wait.  I am glad I am not in a hurry.  Almost time to start fabbing things together.

05-08-12 I officially sold my Dart Iron Eagle Block and will be moving forward with an all aluminum Man O War Block and Man O War 10* heads. Very cool! The setup should be 125lbs lighter which goes straight to fast ETs. Along those same lines, I spoke with Jesel about getting lined out with a set of their rockers, timing set, front drive dizy, and lifters. Bad Ars stuff! Last week my Comp Cam cam came in as did my front struts. I am about 1/3 of the way done collecting parts now.

04-26-12  My free Comp Cams custom grind cam shaft is on order.  Specs will be 285/298 @.050, .799/.785 w/1.7 ratio, 112 deg lobe separation.  With the right heads, it should put me in the 800hp range on motor!

04-23-12  Apparently, not many people make heads for a large displacement Ford small block. My friends at Alamo Speed Shop, and I have been calling all the over the place trying to find some heads that will flow 400cfm in order for me to hit that 800hp mark on motor. Looks like World Products' Man O War heads is top of the class.  At this point, unless I find something else better, I will try to sell my Dart block and buy a World Products iron block and Man O War 10* 310cc heads.  The World MOW block has an extra set of head studs around each cylinder giving a little more clamping force.

12-15-11  I just bought the foundation for the drive line.  Today I picked up my Dart SBF Iron Eagle block with 4 bolt billet steel main caps, siamesed cylinders, upgraded oiling system, and smaller 2.75" main bearings.  The block is a Windsor style deck height 9.5" block but has 4.125" bores and is capable going out to 4.185" safely.  Holy Cow!
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